After work munchies top tips!

It happens to the best of us… after work munchies! Here’s some tips on how to manage them.

It is SO easy to reach for salty snacks and a sneaky glass of wine or two after a day at the office, but do you know how many calories are REALLY in that bowl of snacks?  It could be the equivalent of a whole meal! Keep in mind that 90g of chips and 3 beers, or 2 glasses of wine and half a cup of nuts have the same about of kcals as 8 slices of bread! Eeek!


Here are a few of my tips on how to make it easier to choose healthier options and harder to go for those not-so-healthy choices:

  • Keep a bottle of chilled sparkling water or kombucha in the door of the fridge. I use my Sodastream machine to always have fizzy water at the ready!
  • Keep wine out of sight/reach and don’t leave chilling in the fridge unless you are planning on having a wine later
    Put healthy, lower KJ snacks like chopped-up veges, edamame beans, or olives in an easy-to-reach and see spot in your fridge.
  • Keep chips and crackers up high in a non-transparent container.


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