August 10, 2017

Four ways with KIWIFRUIT

I love that kiwi fruit are cheap right now!  

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Four Ways with BERRIES

Frozen berries are a great thing to have in the freezer as they are so versatile! 

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Which would you think is highest in sugar?

It is a common misconception that alcoholic drinks are really high in sugar, but actually…they often aren’t.

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Are you trying to cut down on your drinking of alcohol?

Love a glass of bubbles?  Me too… but if you are trying to cut down on alcohol or, like me, are pregnant and are looking for an alternative, here is a great idea….

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How much sugar is in your drink?

Have you seen the new Hopt drinks in the supermarket?  While they have less sugar than other fizzy drinks, they are certainly not sugar free!  Find out more in the video below…

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Confused about how much you really need to drink a day?

Confused about how much you really need to drink a day?  Is the 8-10 glasses thing ACTUALLY true?  Find out here…

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With baby number two on the way in just a few months, I recently decided it would be a good idea to put Zac into daycare for an extra day well ahead of the new baby’s arrival so that he didn’t feel put out or pushed to the side when the new addition arrives. So, […]

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