January 16, 2018

4 ways with stone fruit

Summer fruit = HELLO summer!!  

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Thai style prawns with crunchy veggies!

This is a impressive-looking salad which is very easy to prepare… Direct from my best seller “Lose weight for life”.

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Nourish me bowl

Nourish your body and mind with this delicious bowl of healthy goodness!

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Make healthy happen this year!

5 easy steps to a get healthier and feel better…

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Red kidney bean dip!

All things hot and spicy! Direct from my bestseller “Feel Good for Life“.

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Spinach and Pumpkin Salad

This is a satisfying flavour-packed salad which is SO easy to make. Direct from my best seller “Lose weight for life”.

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Green Smoothie Combo’s

Here are some of my favourite green smoothie recipes…

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