January 29, 2019

Get the best results from your training: 3 top tricks

How you recover is just as important as how you exercise. To get the best results, it’s so important for you to recover properly, especially if you’re exercising regularly or at high intensity.

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Homemade nut or seed butter

Making your own nut or seed butters at home is incredibly easy! Especially if you’ve got a gutsy food processor (my Kenwood food processor is perfect for this).

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Oven baked hash browns

Hashbrowns are such a delicious addition to a cooked breakfast. But the ones you buy in store are often not the most healthy of options.

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Mango Salad Dressing

An easy way to keep salads interesting over summer is to mix up your dressings!

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Life without chocolate? Never!

As I am just sitting down mindfully enjoying a few squares of dark sea salt caramel chocolate, I am reflecting on just how much my relationship with food has changed in the last thirty something years.

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New year, new you?

Rather than thinking about going on a diet this year, where you are likely to re-gain more weight than you lose, instead I would love you to shift your focus on these positive changes that will help you to make it EASY to eat well.

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Frozen fruity layer cake

Nothing says ‘summer’ like a frozen dessert. This delicious and refreshing frozen layer cake is super easy to pull together, the kids will love the colours (and the flavours!) and you can feel good giving them something without anything artificial inside.

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