Claire in Media

I have extensive media experience within the media in TV, radio or in print on health and nutrition.

Here is a small sample of some of my media appearances.


Fair Go – Are ‘healthy’ lollies to be good to be true?

TVNZ Breakfast – Plant based eating? Vegetarian? Vegan?

Fair Go – How to choose a nut or muesli bar

TVNZ Breakfast – Fermenting – Kombucha/Kefir/Sauerkraut

TVNZ Breakfast – Choosing crackers >

TVNZ Breakfast – The scoop on ice creams >

TVNZ Breakfast – Spreads on your bread >

Three Now AM Show – Do we need to be scared of fat? >

Healthy Food Guide TV Series >

TVNZ Breakfast – Irritable Bowel Syndrome >

TVNZ Breakfast – Coeliac Disease >

NZ Herald Focus – Paleo Pete >

NZ Herald Focus – School Lunches >



NewstalkZB – Pregnancy cravings

Radio Live – Mental Health, Pregnancy, Sleep, Muscle cramps >

Radio Live – Should we be eating 10 portions of vegetables and fruit a day? >

Radio Live – Brownie, Witchcraft, Beer Nutrients and Cancer >


Print Media – Preschools not meeting nutrition guidelines, research shows >

Bay of Plenty Times – Hold the fast food, let’s get cooking >

Bay of Plenty Times – Eat well, Feel great >

Healthy Food Guide Magazine – Lunchbox for fussy eaters >

NZ Herald – ‘Clean Food’ idea is catching on >

NZ Herald – Cheap meals can be healthier > – Expensive meal plans not needed for weight loss >


Social Media

Healthy Food Guide – Iron >

Healthy Food Guide – Losing weight >

Healthy Food Guide – The danger or unregulated expert diet advice >

Kenwood – Cauliflower Pizza Base >

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