Embrace Change

Do you sometimes feel like giving up? Like things are too hard? It might be time to embrace some change….

As much as I LOVE routine and organisation, with some challenging times over the last few months I made a decision that for 2 months, I was really going to embrace ‘CHANGE’ and let it work for me rather than resist it. Since May, I have changed the time I work out, swapped my gym bunny status for yoga, started each day by setting an intention and creating my own agenda for the day before being overloaded with email chaos. Wow, change is BEAUTIFUL when you embrace it.

When challenging times come up in your life and you feel like running away or giving up, don’t – as this wonderful quote says: “A change is as good as a rest” So, now my time to challenge your- join me for a month and welcome in some change! What is it going to be? Try out yoga? Take up a new hobby? Start a walk and talk catch up with your best friend each week? I would love to know!

So many of us are resistant to change, but it can bring about some beautiful things.

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Have a wonderful day J

Claire x

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