Get creative with your Christmas gifts this year!

Many of us don’t really need more ‘things’. When my dad got sick last year, I made a commitment that from that day on, I would only buy gifts for other people that either created memories or enhanced their wellbeing. For my Dad’s 70th I bought him a voucher to go and do archery and last Christmas I did an art class with my mother and sister in law, it was awesome!!!

You can’t take ‘things’ with you, but you can take memories.  Here are some ideas to spark your imagination, I’d LOVE to hear any others you have?

Make up a voucher and book a day and time to go to:

* Driving range/mini-golf
* Play pool
* Hiking/day adventure walk
* Surprise picnic day
* Indoor rock climbing
* Bowling
* Dance class
* Biking in the forest

If you have a bit more to spend:
* SUP/surfing/kayak lesson or rent one
* Dining in the dark or a meal out
* Massage voucher
* Manicure/pedicure
* Pottery/art/cooking class
* Membership
* Ticket to an event

FUN 🤹🏼‍♂️🎳🎲🪕
* Board games, card games – bring back old school fun!
* Football, frisbee, beach games, petanque set

FITNESS 🧘‍♀️🏄‍♂️🏋🏽🛹
* Vouchers for a yoga class, boxing class, swimming lessons
* Yoga mat, foam roller, weights for home
* Voucher for some sports gear or new t-shirt for gym, cap

* Cooking equipment – new pots/pans, knives, glasses smoothie maker
* Hand blender, food processor or Kitchen machine – click here and use the code CLAIRE2020 for 20% off
* Herbal teapot and tea bags
* Homemade granola jars
* Spiced nuts in a jar – click here for recipe
* Festive chocolate treats – click here for my recipe
* Bliss balls –  click here for recipe
* Infused oil
* Ice block maker
* Kombucha – homemade if you have some on the go?!
* Christmas cookies  –  click here for my go-to recipe

* Online books/music subscription
* Magazine subscription
* Planner/journal “It’s a beautiful day” is ideal – click here to learn more😉
* Quote for the wall/picture/art 🖼
* Essential oils. One of my best friends owns an amazing business Nomad + Home NZ
* Eye mask

* Small plants
* Lemon/fig tree
* Book of hikes/walks/trails
* Voucher for garden centre

* Offer to babysit
* Cook a meal
* Come and do gardening for an afternoon


Have a wonderful Christmas Xx

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