Get to know your body to get better results!

The more you get to know your body and how it works, the more power you have in your hands to be able to look after it! Enter the iFIT AXIS HR fitness band.


Not only does it track your daily steps, calories and how well you sleep, but it is also able to monitor your heart rate throughout the day which give you a whole heap of information about your body and how well it is working. BRING-IT-ON!


So, what is your ‘heart rate’ anyway?


Your heart is a large muscle which pumps blood around your body, making sure all the busy working cells in your body get the food and oxygen they need to stay alive! Your ‘heart rate’, is the number of times your heart beats in a minute, and generally, the fitter you are, the more powerful your heart is, meaning that it needs to beat less times each minute at rest, to pump blood round your body. Cool right?! Your body is very clever.


Why track your heart rate?


There are so many reasons why it can be helpful to track your heart rate, especially when you are exercising!

1)    To make sure you push yourself to the right level

If you track your heart rate before then during your workout, you will soon be able to see how hard you ‘actually’ pushed yourself rather than just how hard you ‘think’ you worked out if you know what I mean?!


The level at which you want your heart rate to be during your workouts will depend on your fitness goals, but if you are wanting to get good fitness gains in a short amount of time, I personally love my high intensity interval style training (often called HIIT) which means I need to push myself to the max (which I can measure by seeing how high my heart rate gets) for short, sharp bursts of time.


If your goals are more about endurance and running long distances, then tracking your heart rate to keep it in a zone which works best for that type of exercise to allow you to keep going, and going….and GOING will be what you need. The iFIT app and this blog will help guide you through this.  If you have a specific training goal in mind, speak to a qualified fitness trainer to find out what’s right for you and your goals when it comes to your heart rate. Plus, of course as always – if you have any health issues or heart problems, be sure to consult with your doctor too.


2)    Check you are exercising at a safe level

Harder and faster exercise isn’t always what you want or need. There are times when it is better to keep your heart rate at a more moderate pace, especially if you are new to exercise!  By having a heart rate tracker which is on your wrist all the time and easy to see, you are able to keep on top of what’s going on with your heart rate even when walking, doing yoga or just moving round the house.

3)    See how quickly you are recovering

Whenever you do a walk, play netball or head to the gym or whatever you are into, by having a heart rate monitor, you are easily able to see how quickly your heart rate returns to its normal resting pace. The quicker it returns to your normal level, generally speaking the fitter you are getting. It is really motivating to see how you can improve on your recovery over time.


4)    Check in when you are feeling stressed!

Life is busy right? When you are running around all like a flea in a fit and forgetting to breath properly and have adrenaline pumping round your body because you are so go-go-go, you will notice that you hear rate might jump up.

Checking in with your iFIT Axis HR fitness band to see how you are going, can be a good reminder to take 60 seconds to BREATHE properly and center yourself!! Honestly, just 10 slow and steady deep breathes in and out when you are in a crazy place can really make you feel better and back in control of your day.



So, if you want to get to know your body better and reach your fitness goals, be sure to check out the iFIT Axis HR


*Safety note: A fitness band acts as a guide to what your heart rate at any given time. If you have any health conditions which require you to be very accurate and precise monitor your HR around exercise, please consult your GP or specialist about the best way to do this for you.

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