Healthy Food Guide LIVE!

SOLD OUT  Do you feel like you know what you ‘need’ to do to get healthy, but you struggle to make it happen?  Do you gravitate towards food or booze to help you ‘feel better’ after a bad day, but really – end up feeling worse?


If so, come and join me for my DITCH DIETING WORKSHOP at Healthy Food Guide LIVE – FOR FREE!!

12.30pm on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st May.


Grab your ticket to Healthy Food Guide LIVE in Auckland ($10 now, $15 on the door) and entry to my workshop is free!


More about the workshop…


Ditch the dieting drama – how to eat well for life!

Come and join me for an inspiring workshop packed with practical ideas and solutions to help you get your eating habits in shape so you never have to diet again!

This workshop will help you cut through all the confusion about nutrition, looks at types of eating, changing your tastebuds to banish sugar cravings, overcoming emotional eating and how to get into a healthy routine which lasts. Don’t miss it.

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