How to stop eating when you are stressed or bored

Find yourself eating or drinking to help yourself ‘feel better’?  It will work…briefly, but then you’ll likely feel worse/beat yourself up about it then to feel better you will probably need to eat/drink so this cycle repeats all over again!

One thing you can try is writing a list of things you can do (other than eating or drinking unless it’s a cuppa) that help you feel better when you’re not in a good space and pop it on your fridge, in your pantry, in the booze cupboard or wherever it needs to be.

It might not work all the time, and that’s ok, but even if 5/10 times it stops you from the default habit of eating/drinking to manage your feelings then it’s worth it!!

Be as specific as possible, rather than write ‘call someone’ put a name on there.  Don’t just write ‘exercise’, put a specific target in there with a number – like do 20 push ups!

Share this idea with your friends too!


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