Is it time to try something new?

At the beginning of each year, I set myself the challenge of trying something new. Why? Well, firstly because you are never too old to try new tricks right?!

But also, from my positive psychology study I now see how powerful it can be to open your mind to new things and let go of the fear of not being good enough.  My mum started photography aged 65 and at 70 she has now won numerous competitions and her camera is part of her toolkit for managing the emotional challenges she is facing caring for my dad on this brutal journey with cancer.

This year, my personal challenge was to learn how to surf.  After the setbacks with my brain issues it has taken 4 months to get out and get up but I booked a family lesson with the amazing team Aotearoa Surf School at Managwhai Te- Arai and it was one of the best afternoons I’ve ever had, even Josh got on a board…! There is nothing quite like being out there in the ocean when it comes to boosting your mood.

I managed to stand up a few times (and fall off many times), but it is so good to have a personal goal that is both challenging, exciting and helps me reconnect with nature.  Have you taken up any new hobbies lately? Or tried any new tricks? Or maybe gone back to an activity that you used to do as a child? Or…is it time to maybe try something new that you have always wanted to give a nudge? 


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