December 3, 2018

After work munchies top tips!

It happens to the best of us… after work munchies! It is SO easy to reach for salty snacks and a sneaky glass of wine or two after a day at the office, but do you know how many calories are REALLY in that bowl of snacks?

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Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

Chocolates, booze (and socks!) are easy things to get people – but why not give your friends and family something a little more fabulous this Christmas – something fun and healthy!

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8 steps to a healthy happy Christmas

Some great ideas to help enjoy the festive season the healthy way…

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Thai-style prawn salad with crunchy vegetables

Here is a delicious prawn salad that will accommodate your next BBQ or next meal quite nicely!

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My smart swaps for the festive season!

It is so easy to overindulge in the festive season, so here are just a few of my healthy swaps/tips…

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How to help avoid bad hangovers this festive season

With the sun and celebrating we enjoy over the summer months often comes the odd hangover or five!

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Homemade vegetable crisps

Entertaining? Add a healthier option to the platter spread with homemade vegetable crisps.

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