Buy my ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ Diary

Welcome to a beautiful way to create a life that you love!

This amazing diary has been designed and crafted with love and care to help you get
the best from each and every day.

It will help you to create a vision for the life you want to be living and provides the
structure, support and motivation you need to make your vision a reality.

Along with daily and weekly planners, it is also packed with inspirational quotes,
healthy recipes and activities to help you live a balanced, healthy and happy life.
The intention is that this diary will help you get things done whilst encouraging you
to focus on the things that really matter.

There are a million apps and online journals out there which promise to make your
life easier – but really, when it comes to making amazing stuff happen in your life,
there’s something very special and unquestionably powerful about committing pen
to paper.


Check out my video all about it…

Cost for one diary = $30 + postage


GOOD NEWS: This diary is NOT dated, so you can start any time.  If you use it every day it will last 6 months!

Here is what the inside looks like….

Printed in Christchurch – keeping local businesses in business 🙂



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