10 ways to get more steps in your day (without going to the gym!)

Moving your body and keeping active is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for your overall health and wellbeing.


The problem is, the way things are these days with many jobs and the convenience of modern technology, sitting down for most of the day working behind a computer is the norm for many people and taking the stairs for many has become a thing of the past.


Getting to the gym every day or taking the time to join a sports team is often the suggested plan to increase your fitness and up your activity, but that’s certainly not the only way! With balancing businesses and a 2 year old, I totally get that it can be a challenge to get the time to get yourself to yet another location to do exercise during a busy day, so what I do, is make sure that I am as active as possible and move as much as I can, whenever I can.


Here are 10 ideas to increase the number of steps you take a day, without having to hit the gym;


 1) Get up 20 minutes earlier and go for a morning power walk. Do it every day to make it a new routine, it ends up being much easier that way when it becomes your ‘new normal’.


2) Organise working walk meetings – if your job allows it (or maybe you can suggest it!), try walking meetings, they are very productive. Take a phone to record notes as you chat if needed.


3) ALWAYS take the stairs – yes, a simple one, but because the stairs are often hidden and the lifts are right in front of you, you have to sometimes hunt to find the more challenging route, but it’s worth it. I take the stairs every time I possibly and practically can.


4) Change your transport. You could make your trip to work, to see friends or to the shops more active. Maybe you could cycle, or go by bus and get off a few stops earlier or walk if you can!


5) Make your house work do the work. Rather than seeing this as a chore, see it as a fitness opportunity. Carry the firewood in the long way round the house, dance while you vacuum, do squats and lunges while you wait for the washing machine to finish.


6) Explore local walkways, bush walks and beaches – it’s a great way to get extra steps in while chatting with a friend!


 7) Make social catch ups active – a fitness class, walk or dance class rather than the standard glass of wine and cheese.


 8) Get a dog – they will remind you that you need to walk that’s for sure!


 9) If you have kids, grandkids or friends with kids – get outside and run around with them! Frisbees or throwing a ball around are fun ways to move your body.


 10) Get a standing desk – if it’s an option, it’s a good one! You will move around far more when you are encouraged to stand rather than sit.


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