Eat your way to fabulous skin!

Would you love your skin to look glowing with health? Wish you could slow down the development of wrinkles (I think we all do!)? What you eat CAN make a difference. 

Recently I have been talking to A LOT of people about skin and how to get your skin in tip top shape. So it is time for me to give you some top tips and ideas to ensure you know how you can eat your way to fantastic skin!

Protein rich foods are important to help keep your skin strong and healthy – most people in NZ do get enough protein, but if, for whatever reason, you don’t eat a lot of meat/chicken/fish or might not include dairy products you may not be having enough. Most adults need between 78-130g/day; it is easy to get this through your diet. A palm-sized portion of meat or fish has around 35g of protein, a small can of tuna about 25g, an egg around 7g, glass of milk 7g and pottle of low fat yoghurt 11g. If you don’t have dairy, use an alternative like soy or rice milk. If you are veggie, have plenty of pulses, tofu (150g has 12g protein), low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds.

Omega 3 – yep, you have heard before how fabulous the omega 3 fats are; they are a type of fat your body can’t make itself and, amongst its many benefits, is great for skin! Have salmon once a week at least if you can – you only need a 150g portion, so weigh it out before you eat it! It works out about $3-$3.50/serve, or less if it’s on special. If you don’t eat fish, you may need to look at a supplement here.

B vitamins are water soluble meaning that your body can’t store them and you need to include them every day in your diet to keep you healthy and keep your skin in good shape. Where you have grains, go WHOLEGRAINS. Include oats for breakfast as porridge, muesli or bircher. Have wholegrain breads and crackers, for dinner with brown rice. Keep up your green veggies too, every night with dinner if you can, and steam them to keep more vitamins in the veggies – with the B vitamins being water soluble, you will end up chucking them out if you boil and then drain your veg.

Vitamin C helps your body to make collagen which gives structure to the skin. All fruit and veggies have vitamin C, so keep up with your 5-a-day. Kiwifuit, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons and grapefruit as well as berries are some of the top fruits when it comes to vitamin C content, so be sure to include those in the mix!

Hydration – drinking plenty of water can only help! I enjoy water throughout the day cold, warm or hot with freshly squeezed lemon juice, sliced of fresh ginger, mint leaves or sliced cucumber. It is all about getting into a routine when it comes to keeping well hydrated. Carry a water bottle with you in the day, get into the habit of having a glass when you wake up, when you arrive at work, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, when you arrive home from work, in the evening… I know you all know that you need to drink more water, so it is really just about MAKING IT HAPPEN!

Don’t forget to be kind to your skin! Find the right skincare products for you! I am a massive fan of Environ; their active ingredients do wonders for normalising your skin, and as you can only buy this in beauty salons, you will get good advice to suit your needs at the same time. Overall though, do look at what you put on your face – it does matter. In terms of keeping the rest of your body healthy and the skin soft… keep up the moisturiser!! If you need to see someone about your skin, check out the Faceplace – they are AMAZING!

When you have problem skin: Some people are unlucky with their skin, be it full-blown acne, time of the month ‘spots’, dry and cracked skin or eczema. If this sounds like you, number 1 – work on the basics outlined above to make sure that you have a good balanced diet to get things started. From here, it is about looking at the root of the issue – do you have any hormonal imbalances? Are you using any creams/lotions/detergents which aren’t agreeing with your skin? Do you need to use different skincare products? Are you suffering from any nutritional deficiencies? Is your gut functioning well and are you absorbing the goodness from your food? In my early twenties I used to have terrible skin – acne and the most horrific eczema. I found out that it was related to hormonal imbalances combined with being highly allergic to detergents. By modifying my diet, managing my hormones and sorting my skin care out – I now have the best skin I have ever had and look younger than 10 years ago!!

If this sounds like you, come and talk to one of my team at Mission Nutrition, they will be able to help you to work out what is going on, sort any nutritional issues and let you know who else you might need to see.


Until next time,

Happy healthier living

Love Claire x


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