eBike Life

Benefits galore!

  • More time outside
  • Active transport
  • My new way to get to meetings
  • Nature exploring
  • Keeping fit when short on time
  • Looking after the environment

During lockdown, like most people, I was able to reflect on what’s actually important and set some goals to support better balance and consider my impact on the planet.  So, I have decided to get an ebike to support my post lockdown goals! It’s great because I can ride it as a normal bike or power it up when I need to get to a meeting speedily and not be covered in sweat.

After MUCH research (my brothers are both looooooong time bike fanatics, as is my husband so they helped…a lot) I settled on a moustache one (French-made to keep my little brother happy) which has a Bosch eBike Systems powered motor, because….well they are flipping brilliant when you look into how they are designed and engineered.  It is so quiet and has a range of modes from eco to turbo depending on the power needed!

Claire x


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