Get the best results from your training: 3 top tricks

How you recover is just as important as how you exercise. To get the best results, it’s so important for you to recover properly, especially if you’re exercising regularly or at high intensity.

The hour after your workout is the most important, this is when it’s important to take care of these three key things:

  • Re-fuel with healthy carbs and around 20-25g protein within 20-30 minutes of your workout.
  • Rehydrate with water, replacing around 150% of what you’ve just lost during your workout (you can weigh yourself before and after your workout to measure this). To mix it up, I like to have sparkling water from my SodaStream as the bubbles make it super refreshing!
  • STRETCH out your muscles – this is super important for your recovery and to ensure you’re ready to go for your next workout!


See my video here;


I’ve put together a guide with some more helpful tips to ensure your body gets the best recovery possible after exercise. Click the link here to get your copy of the tips!


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