Keep your skin glowing this winter

​I was lucky enough to be back with the team at the fabulous The Face Place last weekend and they shared some top tips with me about how to keep your skin in good condition over the colder months so I thought I would share them as there were things I certainly didn’t know!!

1) Check the cleanser that you are using – they can make a big difference to the dryness of your skin apparently. I never really thought about that before they mentioned it! Cleansers with lots of alcohol in them or the old make up wipes that are around, not only take your make up off but can also take good oils OUT of your skin and leave it dry. Creamy cleansers all the way then.

2) If you use an exfoliant on your skin, look for an enzyme based one rather than one with gritty granules which may feel like they are doing a good job, but aren’t so ace for your skin.

3) ADDING moisture back into your skin will stop it from drying out! Over winter, along with my creamy Environ cleanser, I am now using Environ Antioxidant Gel and Colostrum as well as keeping up with my RAD sunscreen! You can find stockists here.

4) Peels and light treatment – I had a lactic peel done at the weekend which was awesome and then the LED light treatment that they offer at The Face Place, which is amazing to help repair the skin and keep in good shape!! I also found out that this light treatment helps boost your mood too and can help with SAD (seasonal affective disorder!)… no wonder I left feeling so happy 😀

You can find some more great reading on dry skin here.

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