Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?

Chocolates, booze (and socks!) are easy things to get people – but why not give your friends and family something a little more fabulous this Christmas – something fun and healthy!


Here are my TOP 15 gift ideas;


  • Pots of herbs – I was gifted some beautiful pots once which I treasure
  • Plants – maybe a nice lemon tree? Fig tree?
  • SodaStream machine – they have an AMAZING range!! Use the promo code GET FIZZY at the checkout and get 30% off too!!
  • Magazine subscription – try a Healthy Food Guide magazine one
  • A copy of my ‘It’s a beautiful day diary’ or one of my books
  • An inspirational book or subscription to Audible.  I love the books by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck and Eckhart Tolle
  • Yoga mat or a swiss ball
  • A voucher for a one on one consultation with my company Mission Nutrition
  • A food processor, hand blender or spiralizer – Kenwood NZ do an amazing range!
  • Makeup, skin and beauty products – Apotheka boutique have an AMAZING range which can all be delivered directly to your door!
  • A popcorn maker
  • A cooking class voucher
  • Ice block maker for healthy homemade ice blocks
  • Pizza stone to make healthy homemade pizzas
  • Workout gear – trainers, top, shorts, pants, cap, towel, Asics NZ do some really cool stuff!!
  • Tea pot and herbal tea


Have a very happy and healthy festive season!

Much love x


Order one of my books or diary TODAY to ensure delivery for Christmas or perhaps to start the new year as a new you! 

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