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Stuck for Christmas gift ideas?


Chocolates, booze (and socks!) are easy things to get people – but why not give your friends and family something a little more fabulous this Christmas – something fun and healthy!


Here are some ideas:


  • Pots of herbs – I was gifted some beautiful pots once which I treasure
  • Plants – maybe a nice lemon tree!
  • Magazine subscription – try Healthy Food Guide 
  • A healthy cook book, why not check out my books Lose Weight for Life and Feel Good for Life, or an inspirational book. The books by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Martha Beck and Eckhart Tolle are my favourites.
  • Yoga mat or a swiss ball
  • Mission Nutrition Consultation
  • Popcorn maker
  • Hand blender or food processor to make healthy dishes! Use the promo code KITCHEN30 here>> and get 30% off
  • Healthy cooking class voucher
  • Ice block maker for healthy homemade ice blocks
  • SodaStream machine to make sparkling water and other delicious healthy drinks
  • Pizza stone to make healthy homemade pizzas
  • An awesome diary, check out my ‘It’s a Beautiful Day’ diary packed with planners, inspirational quotes, reflection pages and adult colouring in pictures.
  • Workout gear – trainers, a nice top, shorts, pants, cap, towel
  • A fitness watch or band, check out the range of iFIT watches
  • Tea pot and herbal tea


Have a very happy and healthy festive season!

Much love x

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