SUNSCREEN – It’s not just for summer!

I went to the Faceplace last week for a treatment and I learnt a few fascinating things about skin and keeping your skin looking healthy (and keeping wrinkles at bay) that I just had to share!  I had NO idea about this before speaking with her and wish I had known this years ago.

1) 80% of skin damage happens before the age of 18, you can’t turn the clock back as such, but you can do many things to maintain the health of the skin your health.

2) There are 2 types of UV rays, UVB which is problematic in summer and causes the skin to burn and UVA – which is around ALL year and that is what causes the skin to age!! UVB is not around in winter but UVA is. Because we don’t feel the burning rays of UVB which is the one that provides warmth, we have a false perception that there is no sun damage but UVA actually travels deeper into the skin and is the one that cause ageing.

3) UVA breaks down the collagen in your skin and makes it more likely to go wrinkly and as it is around all year, you NEED to protect yourself from it whatever the month!

4) In the morning after washing your face, apply a moisture then sunscreen or a moisture with sunscreen in it. I have used Environ for years and use their RAD sunscreen.

5) If you are outside, to avoid sun damage to your face, you need to apply sun screen (or in my life makeup with a sun screen in – I use Jane Iredale) every 2-3 hours. While I certainly don’t manage to keep this up all the time, I have become MUCH more aware of reapplication and ALWAYS using makeup with a sunscreen.

6) Peels (which is what I go to the Faceplace for) are a great way to nourish the skin and speed up skin cell regeneration to keep your skin looking healthy.

7) What you eat also makes a huge impact to the health of your skin too, here are my top tips

Sunscreen and I are best of friends now ALL YEAR ROUND ☺

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