Getting back on track in Lockdown No. 2!

Struggling to keep away from the biscuits and wine when you are feeling stressed? Check out my interview on TVNZ Breakfast about how to keep yourself well at this crazy time…

Plus some extra reminders for you:

1)  Keep to your routine if you can and write yourself a daily plan

  • Keep to a regular meal pattern (eating when you are hungry though, not just by the clock)
  • If possible, do exercise at the same time each day, it can make creating the habit much easier with less willpower required

2)  Manage your food environment

  • Put those snacks that you might graze on when you are bored/stressed, out of sight and out of reach
  • Make yourself one of my good old veg snack boxes (chopped up veggies) and pop at the front of the fridge so it is the first thing you see
  • Get a batch of veg soup on and have it for a snack if you are feeling peckish…(I have HEAPS of recipes, including some great soup recipes here)
  • When you go to the shops, leave the treats behind, they won’t make you feel better

3)  Find someone else to buddy up with to positively encourage you.  Share healthy ideas and maybe try exercising online together or texting each other when you have worked out

4)  Give yourself some instant gratification for healthy choices – $1 or $5 towards something when this is over!

5)  Write a list of things you can do if you are feeling stressed (that have NOTHING to do with eating or drinking) and put it on your fridge or in your diary


Need help getting your healthy habits on track and keeping motivated? Grab yourself a copy of my planner this month and you will get a free Healthy Food Guide cookbook and a reusable shopping bag worth $25!

For personalised nutrition support, my team at Mission Nutrition can help. If you have insurance, check your policy too as you might be able to claim back the cost of seeing us!

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