Eating well when you travel

Having spent a lot of time in airports, taxis and hotel rooms of late, I thought I’d let you know a few of my tricks to keep myself well when I’m away.

  1. If I’m travelling in NZ, I always pack apples, peeled carrots and nuts in my suitcase to top up what I’m often missing when eating out…fruit and veg!
  2. Before I go away I always look up the nearest shop or supermarket to my accommodation and buy fruit, yoghurt, veg if possible and nuts.   I usually buy Kombucha so I don’t get tempted by the mini bar.
  3. When using room service I often order a starter and 1 or 2 sides of veg/salad, unless there is something tasty on the menu that looks like it has enough veg for me (and not just a token slice of tomato chucked on the side).
  4. If you can, try and buy dinner at a local food place/cafe/metro supermarket – they will likely have fab pre-made salads and wraps etc, plus fruit, nuts and dates.
  5. When it comes to buffet breakfasts I scan everything before diving in, going for the protein and hot veg dishes where possible, the fruit, yoghurt and possibly a bit of Bircher if I’m super hungry.

This all helps me feel good when I’m away from home but don’t worry, there is the odd chocolate, ice cream or gin in my life – it’s all about balance.

Find ways to get more of the food that makes you feel good most of the time, then when you are having the treats – REALLY enjoying them!


Happy travels x

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