Juicing is a great way to get extra vegetable serves in throughout your day, but it pays to be mindful of what you’re juicing.

Nutritional guidelines recommend that we have less than 26g of ‘free’ sugars a day. Whole fruits and vegetables do not count towards this free sugar total because the fibre in the veges reduces the impact of the sugar. However, this changes as soon as you juice them as you concentrate the sugar.

With this in mind, it pays to have an idea of how much sugar is in different fruits and veges so you’re not blowing out your sugar count with one glass of juice! You are best to use more of the high water veges as the base for your juice and minimal amounts of fruit.

Vegetables with HIGHER water quantity have less sugar.

Apple = 160g medium 15g sugar
Beetroot = 10g of sugar
Carrot = 15cm 7g sugar
Celery = less than a gram
Cucumber = 3.6g sugar

When I make vege juice, I use the AMAZING juicing attachment on my Kenwood Chef as it makes juicing quick and easy and it can handle the hard veg with ease!

I’ve put together some more tips on juicing in the clip below!



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